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My name is Andrei Belooussov and I am running for Municipal Councilor for town of Bolton.


Elections are as much about choices, as they are about results. And results can only come
from change. I believe that change is what gives us the right outcomes; change is what
drives us forward and benefits us as societies. And change is exactly what I am proposing.
Politicians should not hold power for long. Politics should not become a living, no one should
be given the opportunity of holding power for extended periods of time, and I believe we
must seek change, advancement and progress.


I am not a politician. Politicians will promise you a bridge even there is no river just to get

I am not fighting for power or supremacy. Rather, I am looking to control the sovereignty of
politicians, to the best of my abilities. We must regulate the liberty politicians feel they hold,
and make that system work for the people.


With this exact notion, I am seeking to be your local councilor. Councilors are means of
jurisdiction by the representing power, not a resource of votes in the hands of the mayor. A
local councilor must be the fundamental link between the people and the higher political
figures. He must present primarily the interests of the citizens, without diluting them with
the welfares of politicians in control looking to receive a piece of the budget or otherwise
municipal power.

The councilor must be consistent, approachable and must predominantly solve the issues
of those who elected him.


Why do I believe that I am the one who should be elected councilor?

I was trained as aviation engineer. I was working as an engineer all my life except years in
Canada. I work as mechanical designer and and unfortunately I cannot claim myself as
an Engineer unless I am a member of P.E.O. So I am working recently on applying for P.Eng.
Nevertheless such a profession requires the ability to operate complex machinery
intricate structures. Engineers are continuously faced with having to make judgments
in regards to constantly emerging concrete problems – both technical and those requiring
the ability to find compromises. 

I would like to note that the origin and behavior of technical systems as well as social
ones are in many ways rather comparable and have the same basis.

I have extensive experience in this field. For many years, I directed a large engineering
company, which I created form virtually nothing on my own initiative
. I was successful
in generating an effective team and organizing a direct and
faultless connection
between the various
subdivisions of the company and therefore achieving an impeccable
quality of products.

To this day, I use my expertise to perform similar undertakings. I design complex schemes
and coordinate the work of many people in the pursuit of modern and effective resolutions.


This is exactly what is required from a councilor; the ability to find efficient, practical,
successful solutions and compromises. I am confident that I can do this, and I want to.


I want to be the councilor that I am lacking myself right now.

Someone who is goal oriented and who will not be satisfied until the people are.

Someone who works primarily for the benefit of the community, not out of the idea of
being in political power.

Someone who is willing to compromise and benefit people just like me, just like you.

Someone, who is ready to work with and represent you. A candidate who is
eager for change, transformation and results.